Tim: You’ve got a new Monolith with you. What kind of device is that?
Matthias: The ICON is a Monolith in a slightly more compact form.

Tim: What features does it have? What can the little fella do?
Matthias: We have maintained all the features of the large grill, but we’ve also added the option to grill directly or indirectly and we can also use it like an oven.

Tim: How do you use it as an oven?
Matthias: You simply use a deflector stone.

Tim: I’m one of those people who likes big BBQs. But at the end of the day, I find that when it comes to big barbecue parties, there are perhaps five a year rather than 40.
Matthias: With the ICON, we can also work with a bigger surface by opening a hinge at the back and taking the lid off completely.

Tim: Why do you want to do that?
Matthias: Because that gives me the option to put the fire plate on top. I can work on this deflector stone like on a plancha grill, that means I have a higher temperature in the middle and a lower temperature on the outside. You can start frying in the middle and keep things warm on the outside.

Tim: How long does it take to turn into a plancha?
Matthias: I can show you. We can use this mechanism here to detach the lid and then I put the fire plate on.

Tim: How long does it take to reach the temperature?
Matthias: It is made from 6mm steel and takes 20 minutes to heat up. The thickness is needed for better heat distribution.

Tim: Can you explain this hole in the middle of the plate to me?
Matthias: The hole in the middle is almost like a chimney and helps create a draught. As you can see, the air is guided through the front here under the charcoal and moves upwards through the heated charcoals. This is called a chimney effect.

Tim: Who is the grill designed for?
Matthias: For everyone who loves grilling. I would use it for 4 people, but you can also work on two levels with the ICON. It kind of depends on what I want to make. For example, you can fit three entrecôtes on the normal surface.

Tim: Baking, frying, grilling, smoking and cooking at a low temperature. Ironing too? (smiles)
Matthias: I haven’t tried that yet. (laughs)

Tim: That thing can do so much! Let’s get cooking then!